A Comprehensive Family Practice in Newport Beach, CA

Family Practice Newport Beach CAFor a family practice that provides compassionate and comprehensive care in Newport Beach, California, turn to Vital Urgent Care. In addition to being a walk in clinic, we also offer primary care services by appointment. Whether you have a chronic condition that you would like to have treated and monitored by a physician, or just want an annual physical to help spot any issues before they become serious, we are here to help.

The family practice at Vital Urgent Care offers a wide array of services for Newport Beach residents, including physicals, well-woman exams, health screenings, and preventive treatments. You can count on world-class treatment from our physicians and owners, Dr. Khazaeizadeh and Dr. Sedarati, because they are:

  • Yale-trained and Board Certified in Internal Medicine
  • Experienced in treating a wide variety of conditions in patients of all ages
  • Highly respected by their colleagues and have been published in numerous medical review journals

Plus, because we are also a walk in clinic, you can stop by the same location when you need immediate treatment for a non-life threatening condition. For instance, if you sprain your ankle or wake up with an eye infection, simply walk into our clinic whenever it is convenient for you and receive treatment from the same caring staff you already know through our family practice services.

For more information on receiving care at our family practice in Newport Beach, CA, contact Vital Urgent Care today.