The Premier Primary Care Office in Newport Beach, CA

Primary Care Office Newport Beach CAIf you’re searching for a primary care office in the Newport Beach, California, area, search no further than Vital Urgent Care. Whether you need a general checkup, want to consult with a physician about a chronic condition, or just want to ensure that you continue to maintain your current health by preventing any issues before they arise, our world class physicians are here to give you the treatment you need.

When you make an appointment with the primary care office at Vital Urgent Care in Newport Beach, you will see one of our owners and on-staff physicians – husband and wife team Dr. Bahar Sedarati and Dr. Ali Khazaeizadeh. They offer a wide array of treatment options and preventative care services that can help you to lead a healthier, happier life. Both doctors are:

  • Yale-trained and Board Certified in Internal Medicine
  • Published in numerous medical review journals
  • Experienced in practicing medicine around the globe
  • Members of medical advisory boards

In addition to their specialty in primary care, Doctors Sedarati and Khazaeizadeh are passionate advocates of heart disease prevention, and can provide nutrition and fitness counseling to help you to lower or maintain your weight in order to avoid the complications that are caused by obesity. Furthermore, they can administer treatments that leave your skin looking younger, such as Radiesse®, Botox®, and Juvederm®.

To learn more about the services provided by our primary care office in Newport Beach, CA, contact Vital Urgent Care today to schedule an appointment with one of our physicians.