Comprehensive Health Assessment

Comprehensive Health Assessment

Wellness Walk-In & Urgent Care Medical Clinic

The Comprehensive Health Assessment at Wellness Medical Walk-in and Urgent Care is designed to go far beyond the mere diagnosis and treatment of the medical health issues. It accomplishes this task effectively but then it delves into the process of determining and identifying lifestyle choices, nutritional habits and aging issues that are of equal interest to everybody. This program strives to create a holistic approach by combining modern diagnostic testing with a lifestyle education that then seeks to evaluate and transform your quality of life and sense of personal well being.

Our goal is to make the experience comfortable, personable and unique. Listed below are the core components of the program:

  • com?plete phys?ical by a board-cer?ti?fied phys?i?cian
  • hear?ing and vis?ion tests
  • basic labor?at?ory & dia?gnostic test?ing
  • EKG
  • body fat test?ing
  • colon can?cer screen?ing
  • flex?ib?il?ity test?ing
  • strength test?ing
  • med?ical sum?mary
  • life?style coun?sel?ing ses?sion
  • com?pre?hens?ive health man?age?ment re?port

Pap smears, hormone testing, chest x-ray, advanced laboratory and diagnostic testing, prostate cancer screening, munization and vaccinations may be recommended and added to the core program at an additional cost.

Our Anti-Aging services include:

  • phar?ma?co?lo?gical in?ter?ven?tions
  • aes?thetic treat?ments
  • nu?tri?tional coun?sel?ing
  • nu?tri?tional blood assay
  • life style edu?ca?tion
  • stress man?age?ment
  • ex?er?cise

Please contact our Program Director for more information at (949) 200-1655.

Medical Aesthetics Center:

Wellness Walk-in Aesthetics Center is a modern and sophisticated medical aesthetics center capable of providing the latest in safe, fast, effective and affordable non-surgical aesthetic procedures.

All procedures and treatments are performed by Dr. Sedarati a highly experienced and specially trained.

The Aesthetic Center is located within our Wellness Medical Walk-In & Urgent Care, with a separate entrance & waiting area just for our aesthetic patients.

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